Mission Z II

Game Description: Lord Grave is not finished with you yet! In fact, the latest intel seems to point to a hidden mine deep underneath his manor. Explore new environments, solve puzzles and escort a bomb deeper into his lair. As you suspect it, Lord Grave’s creations won’t appreciate your visit. You’ll encounter new mutated zombies that seem to have become stronger with the help of Lord Grave’s strange substance.

Embark on a crazy train ride and survive his hardest challenge yet in MISSION Z II! Get ready for the ride of your life!

Real 4D Arena: Move untethered in the virtual space, walking around and interacting with the game. Become fully immersed with heat, wind, smell, haptic, and ground-moving special effects!

2-6 Players | Ages 10+

From: $39.00 25 minutes

Location: Irvine
Be aware that if you are booking with fewer than the maximum number of players, there is a chance that other people might join your adventure.

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