(Real 4D) Kraken Island: Captain’s Curse


Game Description: Have you always dreamed of becoming a feisty pirate? To live a quest full of treasure and adventure? Now is the time to get on board! With friends or family, come and live the adventure of the cursed captain, face the hordes of skeletons, and capture the treasure. But be careful, because the path is full of traps and pitfalls that you’ll have to overcome.

And don’t forget one thing: you’re on Kraken Island…

Kraken Island: Captain’s Curse is an immersive cooperative adventure game that plunges players into a perilous world of pirate skeletons and breathtaking landscapes. In a lush and vibrant environment, players must work together to fend off hordes of skeletal pirates, using their wits, weapons, and teamwork to survive. With its captivating blend of swashbuckling action, rich visuals, and cooperative gameplay, “Kraken Island: Captain’s Curse” offers an unforgettable journey into a realm where the spirit of adventure collides with the dangers of the high seas.

Real 4D Arena: Move untethered in the virtual space, walking around and interacting with the game. Become fully immersed with heat, wind, smell, haptic, and ground-moving special effects!

2-6 Players | Ages 10+

From: $39.00 25 minutes

Location: Irvine
Be aware that if you are booking with fewer than the maximum number of players, there is a chance that other people might join your adventure.

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